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President's Dispatch

Updated: Mar 18

March 2024

254 years ago this month, on March 5, 1770, five Boston citizens were killed when British soldiers fired upon them. Boston was protesting the Townshend Acts which created taxes on a variety of items on the colonies. Soldiers were sent to protect the custom officials who were being harassed by the citizenry. The Boston massacre is a pivotal event leading up to the war for American independence and protesting remains a major way we demonstrate against those things we view to be "intolerable" in our collective experience as a nation.

The Sons of the American Revolution seeks to keep our history alive by sharing our individual patriot ancestor's stories and encourage and teach, especially our children and youth, how to be actively engaged in our society as good citizens. Each month the Independence Patriots chapter meets to hear and tell these stories and to talk about events and activities that we can be involved in that promote patriotism and honor those who sacrifice for us to protect, educate and lead our communities and nation.

We invited you to join us.

Michael Hahn

President Independence Patriot's Chapter SAR

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